Laura Andrade has already successfully conducted plea hearings, bond hearings, and more remotely.  We continue to learn what is necessary to fight for clients in these times


Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 and the changing regulations and laws.  If you are arrested or charged during these uncertain times, your case may be affected as well. 


Bond / Bail changes:

The governor has continued to change the laws affecting whether you can ask a Judge for a reduced bond.  It is important to choose an attorney that has stayed up to date with changes and will continue to fight for your loved ones even if they are in jail with high bail amounts. 


Punishment ranges and offense level:

During a state of emergency (when the governor has declared a state of emergency), certain crimes can be "enhanced" or changed to be more serious.  

For example, a misdemeanor assault (previously punishable by up to a year in the county jail) could be enhanced to become a felony charge based on it being committed during a state of emergency.  

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